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Engagements at Biltmore

This year I had a couple of couples going to Biltmore for their Engagement photos. Honestly with those gardens who could blame them? Both couples were super sweet and such a joy to work with! I'm excited that I'll get to help one Bride with her wedding in the coming months. The other was just passing through on an adventure and out of all the places she could have chosen for her engagement shoot and all the hair and makeup artists she could have chosen she chose me! It was an absolute honor getting a chance to work with them!

This won't be the last time you see Meghan on my page. I'll be helping her with her wedding soon enough! In the mean time look at how gorgeous she is! They are such a beautiful couple!

I won't tell the next Bride's name for privacy sake but her and her husband to be and just are sweet and delightful!

She was on a road trip passing through and I'm so happy she chose me for her Engagement look! She is going to make a beautiful bride!

I wish both couples the best in the coming year! I'm sure their weddings will be lovely and full of joy. After all they all deserve a lifetime of love.

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