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Summertime Saddness

I live my life on dry land, but I love how simple and gorgeous a good dewy look can be. When we were discussing what to do with the look, she said that she wanted that just walked out of water look. The highlight I used was a little unconventional, but catching the sunlight on a cloudy and overcast day was of the utmost importance. I used a Fleshpot, which is a gloss with a slight glitter in it to give the shine. As you can see, it highlight beautifully, without washing off in the water, and worked well with the bronzer that we used to giver her a sun-kissed look.

It's honestly amazing how playing with light has everything to do with how the makeup looks. I love how glowy but understated everything is in this look. For the eyes it was very natural, but dark enough to tell that something is going on. I love the MAC Mink lashes that were used. They were totally natural and dramatic at the same time. You wouldn't even know that this happened on the lake on a Saturday morning on a mountain which is what I love about it.

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