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That 70s shoot

I used to think that makeup had to be loud and bold. Makeup wasn't complete without a winged liner or glitter. I've discovered how wonderful it is to have simple makeup. There is a certain beauty that happens when things are just easy. And yet it's not easy at all. Skin prepping and color correcting are some of the hardest parts of what I do. It's really odd how my perception of makeup has changed as I've gotten older. I'm obsessed with skin care now to the point where its one of my favorite things. I struggled with acne prone skin for most of my teen and adult life, so I understand the struggle that some people have everyday. Anyway... Back to this fun shoot!

She had the best brows and the most expressive eyes to work with. So I filled her brows in and just really wanted them to pop! She has great doe eyes! They are very large and expressive and I feel that making them too bold would have been overkill. I mostly just evened out her skin tone, gave her eyes the barest of definition and threw on a nude lip.

There was this super cool shot in the elevator where she looks all wild. I love the essence of this. I know the makeup isn't overly visible, but sometimes it's just super cool to contribute to a look. Like I know that I had a hand in how this turned out and I'm very proud of it. Sometimes, when I get excited about shoots like this I realize how far I've come in such a short amount of time. I say short amount of time like it hasn't been a decade! I guess I'm more concerned about different things now. I really enjoy doing more editorial things like this. I enjoy having a vision and I think it's fun to push yourself to try things outside of your comfort zone. Like very simple and natural makeup.

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