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Light and Makeup

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

The most intimate part of a wedding is the Bride's look. This is the most meticulous and well planned part of the entire day. Hours are spent on Pinterest, Instagram, and dare I say the occasional bridal magazine, to find the dress, the hair, and the makeup.

By the time a bride has made it to me... so much has gone through her head. We look at photos. We discuss the pros and cons. And then I have to break to the news to my natural girls. My I don't wear makeup girls.

We have to go darker.

Disclaimer: It will look like too much.

These are taken inside, under some natural light and artificial light. And while this isn't an insane amount of darkness, this will generally be darker than most who are wanting a natural look want.

The make up is softened by distance.

Then when they get to their destination, a lovely mountain top. Glorious natural light. Stunning mountains! It washes so much of the original color and softens everything. I loved how the story of the day gets told, but also I'm so excited to be able to show you what I see. How somethings need to be darker or bigger to be seen by the camera. This was a stunning day full of love and heart. Winter elopements are so special because only the bravest decide to hike up a mountain for snow covered peaks and fantastic views!

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