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Love is not cancelled

I truly believe that I find my way into the lives of the people I'm meant to. A series of situations lead me being the hair and makeup artist for Sydney and Christina. Originally, their Elopement was meant to be in May and I was to be out of town, so I had to decline. However, add in one pandemic and stir. Magically, my schedule was very free! They ended up booking me for their rescheduled Elopement at the end of July. There is something wonderful about being thought of even after you had to decline.

I spent a lovely day with them as they got ready for their ceremony at Haiku I Do! I know I only live about fifteen minutes from this venue, but I've never been inside. Thus, I will live vicariously through them and their delightful day.

I mean first and foremost: Look at them! They are both beautiful in their own right and so sweet. Christina did not really know what she wanted look wise but we settled on a deep neutral eye and nude lip to suit her lovely complexion as well as show off her beautiful smile. The darker colors really make her eyes pop and highlight her lovely eyes. For her hair she wanted a pulled apart braid with a low bun. Her natural curls gave her hair a beautiful texture that I loved getting to work with. We chose baby's breath flowers to create some depth in her hair. I outlined her braid in order to highlight it and the bun.

Sydney wanted to be a Glossies girl! I used minimal foundation for this look and carefully blended it out to give her a flawless look. She wanted full and fluffy brows and a nice neutral lip. We ended up going a little heavier on the eyes so they would pop with her glasses. Her look was simple and understand but so elegant. I love it! For her hair we chose to do a long low pony tail and incorporate as much of her natural curl in as we could. I had to heat style in order to give her the large curls for texture, but otherwise those curls are homegrown!

These two lovely brides were my first wedding of 2020 and they gave me hope. This year was rife with heartbreak and anxiety where happiness and fulfillment should have been. I said at the beginning that I find my way into people's lives, but maybe it's the other way around. Maybe they found their way into mine. Regardless, I am very grateful to them for remembering me even when the world was ending and reminding me that...

Love is Never Cancelled.

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